International Diabolo Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to developing and promoting diabolo juggling as a sport on a global level. 

We aim to achieve this mission by uniting national organizations and together working hard on following goals: 

-Improve diabolo juggling on a competition level to motivate current players and attract new ones.


-Unite and help establish national associations and unions around the world and help them promote diabolo juggling, organize national contests and organize local communities in their countries. 

-Improve presentation of the contests, unify rules and judging system to entertain public and attract new fans, sponsors and media around the world. 

-Organize and support competitions of worldwide importance and other internationally important activities and competitions.

 -Support diabolo companies to develop new and innovative designs and products. Help them build their brand and enter new markets and reach new customers. 


We know that diabolo is for most people, is mainly a toy and hobby, but we believe it is also an amazing sport equipment with great competition scene and huge potential. We will aim to promote diabolo not only as a hobby but also as a sport that can be having competitions. We will aim to keep this scene and diabolo community easy to join, friendly and enjoyed by all people regardless of gender, ethnic background, faith or culture. Everyone who wants to start with diabolo, should be able to do so, even from small age, because diabolo is a play that increases the concentration, coordination, balance and above all the sense of achievement in all people.

We are convinced that diabolo juggling as a sport should present fair-play, sportsmanship and tolerance.


 International Diabolo Association

Spin the world together 

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