Diabolo is an art, a sport, a hobby, it depends on the person! Some people like to train to be the best, others to improve themselves, others to have fun. 

All these goals are welcome by the IDA promoted! Why competing? Because it can be fun and motivating! 

Why we need rules? Because then it is easier to decide who wins.

Is this boring? No! It will depend on the competition, participant and the audience! Any competition can be funny and friendly! And IDA wants to promote this spirit above all, competing is almost an excuse to create interactions so the diabolo community can learn and grow.

IDA wants to try to help to create more of this competitions around the world by providing sets of rules the local organizers can use.

So people around the world, ready to have fun?! In diabolo competitions everybody should "win", just some people come back home with a trophy


- by Luis Hernández Bailón

 International Diabolo Association

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